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Our extensive experience in the implementation of established solutions allows us to meet very diverse business requirements through custom development. The focus areas consist of identity management, computerisation of human resource management processes and development of portal solutions.
Identity management
Productivity and modern human resource management processes

By introducing solutions for managing user identities, the organisation acquires a tool for completely or partially automated processes in the management of an individual’s digital information identity, and access to data needed by an individual person and only to those authorisations that allow access in accordance with the business roles of an individual person within the organisation.

Such a system allows for a transparent management of all authorisations and instances of data access (including privileged access) and ensures traceability. Consequently, security risks in IT areas are reduced on account of the increased control, regardless of whether an identity management solution is implemented locally, in a hybrid environment, or only in the cloud.

With the introduction of the user identity management system, the organisation acquires a simple and cost-effective platform that can handle all management, auditing, and legal or internal compliance requirements.

Business effects of introducing user rights in the organisation

By implementing the user identity management system, organisations gain a number of advantages, especially:

  • higher productivity – especially due to a faster allocation of appropriate authorisations;
  • better overview of user identities and authorisations – at any given time, accessible at the touch of a button;
  • automated management of rights – automatically assigns, disables and revokes authorisations according to the pre-determined conditions and other attributes assigned to the identities (e.g. new employees, departures from the workplace, temporary absences);
  • significantly greater security of the information system and
  • lower costs of user authorisation and licensed software administration.

Technological effects of the implementation of user rights management

By introducing a user identity management system, organisations also gain a number of benefits in other technical areas, such as:

  • monitoring all or specific user activities in accordance with business requirements;
  • careful control of administrator and user authorisations;
  • single login into all IT resources;
  • providing audit trails;
  • creating various periodic or ad hoc reports designed to ensure internal compliance or provide evidence to auditors;
  • multi-factorial logins and thus a higher level of security;
  • connecting with other identity management systems;
  • reviewing performance and compliance with internal and external regulations and
  • he administrators and users’ knowledge of the system and procedures.

Collaboration portals and productivity

In modern times, employee collaboration and information, arranged documentation and organisation of business processes are the key elements for the productive work of the employees. Companies can also achieve the latter by implementing portal systems, which provide organisations of various sizes with:

  • centralised document and information management;
  • business processes automation;
  • collaboration and co-authorship regarding documents;
  • supervision over history of changes and
  • managing authorisations for data access.

Modern human resource solutions (eHRM)

Human Resource Information System (Human Resource Management (HRM)) is an advanced software solution which increases the efficiency of a company’s business operations with transparent and connected processes of the human resource unit. The solution is intended for the monitoring, supervision and development of personnel in the company. The modern Human Resource Information System takes care of the organisation of employees and competences in the company, monitors their presence at work, measures work performance, helps monitor and plan education programmes, plans rewarding ...

We provide a modular human resource solution for our customers, which can be further adapted to a company’s environment; therefore, we develop a customised solution.

The benefits of using the modern human resource solution are:

  • Fast access to data: an overview of the organisational structure (departments, workplaces) and the number of employees in one place;
  • Quick and easy maintenance: the data is stored in one place, one-time data entry;
  • Lower costs: saving time and money while keeping personnel records;
  • Integration with other systems, e.g.: connection with a payment system, time system and other solutions;
  • Monitoring history records: enables quick and easy preparation of reports..

Utilising the modern human resource solution certainly offers an advantage for HR units or heads of departments since they are able to access employee data in the same place. A human resource manager or head of a department thus has direct insight into the data of employees, overview of their work performance (outcomes of achieving personal, department and company goals) and rewards based on the attained goals, as well as an overview of employees’ requirements for further training, etc.

The use of the modern human resource solution also brings advantages for employees as every individual worker can quickly and easily access and review their own work data. This data is collected in one place, and the organised data and human resource plans encourage employees to achieve further development both at the personal and business levels, especially in regard to strengthening competences, additional trainings, etc.


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