Bright identity

Brihteja participated in the public tender “Enhancing Innovation Potential and Competences in Companies” for the development of an innovative service for the complete management of user identities – called Bright Identity.

The purpose of the operation is the development of an innovative service in the area of user identity management, which will significantly improve the company’s competitive position on targeted foreign markets and contribute to an increase in the share of high-tech products or services with a high share of knowledge at the level of exports of Slovenia.

The objective of the innovative service “Bright Identity” is a comprehensive, structured, repeatable and standardised procedure for:

  • performing an analysis of an organisation’s information system and its impact on business (Business Impact Analysis; BIA);
  • recording a security policy which clearly defines the rules for the use of individual system applications in terms of who may use the applications and services, which actions are permitted to a particular group of users, etc.;
  • introducing a technological solution for managing user identities which ensures the automation of repeatable tasks and traceability of the performed actions (audit trail), based on the results of an information system analysis or rules of a security policy;
  • creating and implementing a multipurpose card called “Bright Card”;
  • introducing a technological solution for a two-level user authentication when using individual services and applications.

The project will take a year and a half, i.e. until the end of 2018. The foreseen amount of co-financing is EUR 126,815.96.

Link to the website European Cohesion Policy in Slovenia:

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


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