Project: Verifying the security of the IT environment

Cetis is a company that, due to the nature of its business, which includes the printing of personal documents as well as payment and credit cards, must meet various safety standards, especially the ISO 27001 and PCI standards (Payment Card Industry). At Cetis, we conducted an in-depth security check, which included the inspection of the entire IT environment. On the basis of the inspection, we gave the customer instructions on how to improve the security of the information system.

Project: Redesign of the firewall system

We redesigned the firewall, added several new functionalities and reduced the firewall maintenance costs.

Area of operation: Network, IT infrastructure and SharePoint server intranet maintenance

Brihteja performs maintenance for Cetis’ local network, firewall, virtualisation platform, e-mail system, and Microsoft SharePoint intranet portal.


Project: Replacement and maintenance of the central disk system, and the pilot installation of the dynamic workstation cloud

Kovintrade is an international company with branch offices in over 20 countries worldwide and around 400 employees. At Kovintrade, we replaced the central disk system, and handle its maintenance. The above-mentioned disk array is key for a smooth business operation of the company as it powers the central business information system, dedicated software, and e-mail solution, as well as stores all critical business information.

We also set up a pilot environment of dynamic workstations in the classroom at the company’s location; its successful implementation will expand this environment to the company’s branches.

Project: Backup location

The project of setting up the backup location involved the server and disk infrastructure setup, and the replication of the virtual environment and the central database. We provide a backup location which contains all key systems and data needed to establish the operation of an IT environment in case of failure at the primary location.

Each year, we perform thorough testing of the functionality of the backup location and construct a detailed recovery plan.

Area of operation: Disk system, IT infrastructure and SharePoint server intranet maintenance

We perform maintenance for the disk system, virtualised server environment, and Microsoft SharePoint intranet portal.

Computer Centre of the University of Maribor

Computer Centre of the University of Maribor (CCUM) operates as a service centre for all University of Maribor faculties. It provides complete maintenance of IT systems for several faculties while offering only some of their services to the others.

Project: Identity management

The University of Maribor has taken on the task of regulating the management of users’ rights, both for faculty employees as well as researchers and students. Brihteja has implemented the solution Quest One Identity Manager for CCUM.

Area of operation: Analysis and maintenance of the IT environment (e-mail, virtualisation, servers, Microsoft software, security policy)

Brihteja took over the maintenance of the CCUM IT environment, carried out an extensive project of consolidating the e-mail system and the servers, arranged a virtualised environment for the customer, as well as handled the preparation of the security policy.

Project: Redesign of the e-mail system

We took care of a complete redesign of the e-mail system of University of Maribor, which is used by the students and employees at all the faculties belonging to this University. Our performance in carrying out the project was outstanding as we did it out without interrupting the operation of e-mail services, and was therefore undetectable for the users.


Project: setting up an advanced IT environment

At INEL, we set up the entire IT environment, which we now also maintain. We established a local network and internet connection as well as implementing a wireless network in the customer’s new office building. Additionally, we performed the migration of the IT environment in the customer’s business processes without any disruptions.


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