System integration

Following a serious approach towards the implementation of projects, we have gained a great deal of knowledge by setting up reliable ICT solutions for small, medium-sized and large companies alike.
Datacenter and cloud
Networks and IT security

Information platforms and providing high availability

We excel at installing highly available IT environment solutions for companies of all sizes (from small to large companies as well as any in-between). Recognised for our thorough approach, we provide solutions from concept to implementation.

  • reviewing existing systems with the aim of improving responsiveness, security, increasing availability, etc.;
  • installation of hardware;
  • installation and configuration of system software;
  • migration of systems into the cloud;
  • setting up or upgrading communication systems in local or wide area networks;
  • planning solutions.

Secure data storage solutions

Conducting business in modern times is becoming prevalently digital; therefore, data and information are of vital importance for every. and should, as such, be kept safe and protected against loss. Research indicates that over half of the companies which suffer a major loss of data cease their operation.

We have a great deal of practical experience in the implementation and maintenance of systems for creating and storing data backups. Our customers are advised to take the so-called 3-2-1 approach, which in practice means that there exist three copies of data: one copy on two different media, and one copy at a remote location. We also advise our customers on forming policies for the creation and storage of backup copies.

Hybrid and cloud datacenter approaches

A growing number of companies are partially or completely shifting their business towards cloud computing and utilising IT services in the rental business model. At Brihteja, we provide a secure and reliable data centre environment at a customer’s location (private cloud), partial or complete migration of business into the cloud of one or more providers, or a third, increasingly frequent, option – a combination of both approaches, the so-called hybrid cloud.

We provide consulting services, implementations and maintenance of high bandwidth, reliable and secure networks.

Local Area Network (LAN)

A local computer network ensures that the company’s devices, systems and applications are interconnected. In addition to the speed and reliability of a local network, security is also very important. Modern networks are often segmented into separate logical or physical segments, which require the supervision of traffic control.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

The purpose of a Wide Area Network is to connect multiple local networks among each other. This way, the company creates an extensive IT environment and ensures the communication between geographically isolated business units. When it comes to a Wide Area Network, security is also of utmost importance since the connection runs through the world wide web (the internet).

Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

Wireless networks are increasingly becoming a requirement for business users as they provide a simpler way of connecting portable and mobile devices. In addition to reliability and operating speed, the companies are primarily concerned about security.

We establish wireless networks that ensure an easy but above all safe use of all wirelessly connected devices. Security is provided at several levels.

By performing a comprehensive treatment of all communication channels, we ensure the appropriate protection and use of a wireless network throughout the entire organisation regardless of the geographical location.


Firewalls are needed to control the traffic between a local network and the internet. They enable administrators to thoroughly analyse the traffic flowing through a firewall and provide transparent reports. At our company, we have many years of experience in the consulting, implementation and maintenance of firewalls.

We cooperate well with the leading manufacturers of security solutions and handle the implementation of solutions for:

  • preventing breaches from the internet into a local network (IPS);
  • protection against malicious content (anti-virus solutions);
  • protection against spam (anti-spam solutions).


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