Identity and Access Management  (IAM)

“We grant access to the right people at the right time, without the need to submit physical requests and manual work of administrators.”
The Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution provides the company with centralised insight and control over the rights of employees and external collaborators to access business data, applications and systems. 

The solution enables the automation of assigning and terminating access to individual applications in the business environment according to the company’s requirements, either according to predefined rules or personnel system events.

With the IAM system, we provide up-to-date and quality management of access to critical business data with regard to the authorisation of the job, organisational structure or approvals of direct heads or business process and data owners for all employees in the company. Not forgetting the termination of access when it is no longer needed!
Satisfy compliance and audit requirements
Automate management of accounts to any system or application.
Integrate policies for all standard
and privileged users
Provide auditors with real-time detailed reports
Combine multiple from different sources to reduce risk

Benefits of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool implementation

Business effects:

By implementing the identity management and access system, organisations gain a number of advantages, especially:
  • Higher productivity - especially due to a faster allocation of appropriate authorisations;
  • Better overview of user identities and authorisations for business data - at any given time, accessible at the touch of a button;
  • Defined and improved trackable communication between departments and involved stake holders in relations to data access governance (HR department, IT department);
  • Business users take responsibility for access to data;
  • Automated management of user rights – automatically assigns, disables and revokes authorisations according to the pre-determined conditions and other attributes assigned to the identities (e.g. new employees, departures from the workplace, temporary absences);
  • Significantly greater cyber security (reduced IT security risks, for example: unauthorized access to data and leaks of sensitive business intellegince from the company).

Technological effects:

By introducing the identity management and access system, organisations also gain a number of benefits in other technical areas, such as:
  • Automation of provisioning and deprovisioning user accounts in systems like Active Directory, Email (Exchange or Office365) and business ERP system (SAP, etc.);
  • Single point for access management: Centralized collection of all identities and related accounts in applications;
  • Digitalization of access requests from employees for additional access;
  • Careful control of administrator and user authorizations;
  • Providing audit trails;
  • Creating various periodic or ad hoc reports designed to ensure internal compliance or provide evidence to auditors;
  • High level of connectivity and customization for adapting to business needs of the company;
  • Reviewing performance and compliance with internal and external regulations and the administrators and users’ knowledge of the system and procedures.

Why One Identity Manager?

One Identity Manager tool by One Identity is the leading product in the field of user identity and access management. Together with the Data Governance module, it provides a comprehensive 360° view of employee rights and access. The product offers a great deal of flexibility and with its rich set of existing processes, reports and plug-ins for external systems facilitates implementation in your company.

SAP Certified connector

Provide integration with SAP using certified connector supporting fine-grained capabilities to enhance existing SAP security models- and even improve on them.

Risk mitigation

Make better security decisions by combining security information and policies from multiple sources to reduce exposure and eliminate information silos.

periodic Attestations

Schedule on-demand or routine attestation and display the status of group or distribution list in a clear, concise dashboard view; and produce detailed reports for discovery, as well as to support compliance.

360 management

Provide auditors with detailed, real-time  that include information about what resources are in your environment, who has access to them, when, and why that access was granted and terminated.

Provisioning the right way

Eliminate manual mistakes by automating provisioning to any system, platform or application on premises or in the cloud. Extend provisioning to enterprise applications such as Exchange Online, SharePoint and Oracle E-Business Suite.

Privileged access governance

Achieve a unified governance approach for all employees, regardless of their role and level of access. Users can request, provision and attest to privileged and general user access.

Self-service portal for access

Save time and reduce IT effort by giving user access to a customizable online ‘shopping cart’ web portal. Users can requests access to network resources, physical assets, groups and distribution lists and control access rights and permissions for their entire identity lifecycle while using predefined approval processes and workflows.

right access to information

Increase security by providing employees, contractors, partners, customers, students, only the access they absolutely need - nothing more and nothing less.

What does Brihteja offer?


With an experienced team of architects, consultants and project managers, we provide successful implementation of the project into your environment, from the preparation of the project and the analysis of requirements to the final implementation.


Brihteja offers a wide range of experienced consultants which you can use in different phases of your project. Our experts together with the vendor are also active as One Identity professional service consultants on different projects all around the world.


Extensive knowledge of IT systems allows us to develop plug-ins for various target systems (applications). Plug-ins are developed according to the principle of the manufacturer’s best practices and facilitate application management using an Identity and Access Management System.


Brihteja offers you comprehensive maintenance of the identity and access management system in the form of a previously agreed scope of maintenance or as Full-Managed Services, where you can simply forget the technical aspect and dedicate yourself to the business.

Why Brihteja?

In the field of Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools, Brihteja provides a team that, with its knowledge gained in international projects, not only implements but also advises and gives examples of good practices in all steps of implementation. We improve our knowledge through our own projects as well as through projects under the auspices of One Identity Professional Services where the company One Identity has acknowledged us as a reliable partner in the largest projects they carry out worldwide.


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