A common thread in our recent posts has been how to implement and solve a company's business, technological and process issues with Identity and Access Management (IAM).

But we also addressed the question why.

The calculation we have prepared helps you to decide and justify the implementation of IAM project. We have made a simple time calculation during which an investment in this comprehensive and orderly system of user identities, access rights and unified sign-ins is reimbursed.

The table below provides a descriptive overview of the implementation of an IAM system. On one side you can see savings of employee work efficiency and on the other the costs of project implementation and system maintenance.

Savings Costs
Automatic allocation of rights Initial system integration
Improved IT system security Maintenance cost / year
Audit Extra work internally
Increased efficiency The work of external consultants
Reduced license cost
User portal
Unified sign-in
Automatic allocation of rights
Improved IT system security
Increased efficiency
Reduced license cost
User portal
Unified sign-in
Initial system integration
Maintenance cost / year
Extra work internally
The work of external consultants

Such a project also brings many other advantages that are difficult to evaluate solely on a financial basis. These include:

• Changing a company's culture;

• Increased collaboration between departments;

• Process optimization and standardization;

• Increased readiness for digital transformation;

• Management's awareness of information resource ownership.

At Brihteja we believe in the effectiveness of IAM, so we invite you to test the ROI calculation of One Identity's IAM system for your company's environment.


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