HAPPY 2019

The magic of the time that comes is not to end with the end of the year. Since every end is a new beginning. Let's make sure that it lasts! Let's show sincere love, enjoy the fragrant food, give each other's little attention and try to wear smiles. Most real things in the world are those that neither children nor adults can see. Moments, complete and unique, precious and unrepeatable ... Like us. 

Let 2019 bring many moments like that!
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NASLOV: Mariborska cesta 7, 3000 Celje
TELEFON: +386 3 828 0 310
FAX: +386 3 828 0 311
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BRIHTEJA, inovativne IT rešitve, d.o.o.
Ident. št. za DDV: SI 26561263
Transakcijski račun: SI56 0242 6026 2989 747 – NLB d.d.
Osnovni kapital: 75.000,00 EUR
Matična številka: 3913589000


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